Partnership with FGV

The partnership with FGV encompasses  modules taught by FGV academics and the final Project supervised by FGV appointed academics with expertise in the project theme. The Global MBA programme in the Brazil centre follows exactly the same structure and standard as all other MBS centres.

Graduates from the programme in Brazil may earn two degrees- the University of Manchester, Masters in Business Administration (identical to that of the Full Time on campus programme) and an MBA Specialist certificate from FGV

About FGV

FGV is a top world class private, nonprofit institution founded in 1944. In the Brazilian Ministry of Education ranking, FGV places 5 schools out of 15 with maximum score. FGV’s focus is on Economics, Public and Private Administration and Law.  FGV students include Government Ministers, Presidents and Directors of large national and multinational companies.

According to the Global Go To Think Tanks Rankings, a worldwide survey conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, FGV is ranked 24th in the world, the only Latin American institution among the best think tanks in the world.

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